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The current world-wide obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes crisis threatens to reverse recent improvements in lifespan and overwhelm global healthcare budgets. Our analysis of these related disorders demonstrated that the causes are a combination of multiple genetic and environmental factors and that for the majority of people the current advice of “eat less and exercise more” is not effective. Consequently a fresh multi-faceted approach that puts the science of these disorders at its core is not only highly desirable but necessary.

Our Approach:

Using our collective experience in neuroscience, immuno-inflammation, metabolism, psychology and nutrition, an approach centred on biochemical and behavioural profiling was designed. This provides a comprehensive series of biomarkers of risk and response. A programme focused on improving health, with body weight as a secondary outcome, comprising individualised dietary advice, exercise and behavioural interventions is tracked with concomitant body composition measures.

The Results:

A pilot phase has been completed demonstrating positive data in a number of individuals. Beneficial changes in blood lipids and laso in other health biomarkers has been matched by weight loss which has been a reduction in fat mass and maintenance of muscle mass and improved health status. This data has enabled funding for future development and expansion. Our multi-disciplinary approach to health and weight management shows great promise and, in 2017, has been spun out as the healthcare company XenoVida Ltd (www.xenovida.com).

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